One thought on “Pure Fishing Sold to Sycamore Partners

  1. Remind me to tell you the story about when a friend of mine, a Manager in big-name British tackle firm, asked / begged me, someone who knows a bit about quality tackle both old and cutting-edge new and how to reach a market, to give some “This is how you turn yourselves around, fellas” advice and free-thinking ideas to a just-joining, more senior to him Manager back in late summer 1999, about how I met the pair at Paddington railway station in London one early morning, me in jeans, trainers and an old fleece, they in soon-to-the-office suits, and how, over a couple of coffees in the station cafe, I amusingly but enlighteningly sounded off about all manner of stuff. For free. Listened to, but none of what I suggested was subsequently acted upon. Sic transit gloria mundi, some might say in retrospect.

    Oh. That story…. It seems that I just have.

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