Public Lands Hate You

People “doing it for the gram” are prioritizing profit, fame, and “rad pics” over the health and future of our favorite places. Who else is fed up?

Public Lands Hate You is an Instagram account and website trying to educate people on how to behave in nature. The goal is to make “influencers” stop destroying everything around them for the sake of social media likes.

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One thought on “Public Lands Hate You

  1. “Narcissistic, Moi?” – An Occasional New Series

    I was on a Welsh trout river the weekend before the one just past, fishing dry March Brown and Large Dark Olive patterns and Grannom Caddis CDC and deerhair Emergers, when a small group of university-age boys and girls appeared on the ancient stone roadbridge that lay about 70 yards upstream of me.

    Out came their cells. Up onto the bridge’s stone-walled parapet one young couple went.

    In went the guy (in, as off the bridge and into the river perhaps 30 feet below) a minute or so later.

    No harm done, as the pool below that bridge is a deep one and quite capable of holding salmon in the days when there were some about.

    Suffice it to say, I pretended not to notice and just walked down a further 80 yards to fish another pool and run.

    I did allow myself a bit of an evil Muttley laugh once I got there, though.

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