Prestigious River Tay fishing spot up for sale

Featuring leafy embankments and waters brimming with otters, lampreys and beavers, the world-renowned River Tay is an angler’s paradise in the Scottish heartlands.

And now nature-lovers can secure their own private retreat on the river – for a cool £1.1 million.

Two “beats” – Dunkeld House Water and Newtyle Water – are being offered for sale in a rare opportunity to purchase the fishing rights to the section of river.

LINK (via The Herald)

2 thoughts on “Prestigious River Tay fishing spot up for sale

  1. Reality check: “WAS an angler’s para…..”

    “Darling, we cooked the frickin’ Planet!”

    Meanwhile, on Scotland;s once not merely famous but truly fabulous River Dee, home of Britain’s Royal family’s Balmoral and a river whose Cairnton beat was the laboratory for A.H.E. Wood’s Greased Line flyfishing for Atlantic salmon discoveries which some of you steelheaders might have heard about….

    — five minutes of Britain’s Channel 4 TV telling a tale of climate warming and resulting Scots / all of Britain salmon woe….

    The smart money, both old “Old” and Big Quick Modern New, seems to be moving out of salmon now, some of it will head off to Iceland, Norway etc on several prime weeks year, Big $s / £s holidays of course, but then it will only be contributing to the continuing, I refuse to change, Microwaving The Planet Problem.

    HUGE re-think required all-round, I think, fellas.

  2. PS – A film of Wood’s old watery stomping ground. Note the line-greasing wheelson the wall of the fishing hut. We fishers of the floating line had it very easy.

    PPS – A brief word before I go about the River Tay. Do a picture search for “Miss George Ballantyne’s Salmon”, then look on in awe, even wonder at what we’ve lost in some sort of mass absence of mind…..

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