How Pebble lobbied Trump’s EPA

Developers of a controversial Alaskan mine set out early to lobby President Trump’s U.S. EPA to reverse restrictions the Obama administration had proposed putting on the project.

Peter Robertson, a top lobbyist for Pebble LP — the developer of the Pebble mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska — emailed and met with a senior EPA official to discuss the project, according to records released in response to a Freedom of Information Act request by the Natural Resources Defense Council. The documents illuminate that the latest push in Pebble’s decade-long lobbying campaign bore fruit, as the company and EPA reached a deal last month to allow the project to enter permitting.

LINK (via: E&E News)

One thought on “How Pebble lobbied Trump’s EPA

  1. The linked emails include Pebble VP Robertson’s email address:

    Do you think he wants to hear what we think of his project?

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