Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy continues to do his best impression of a turd in the punch bowl


On April 1, Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy announced he was appointing Abe Williams, an employee of the Pebble Partnership to the Board of Fisheries.

Trout Unlimited Alaska issued the following statement on Williams’ appointment:

“Whether you are a commercial, sport, or subsistence fishermen, Abe Williams’ appointment to the Board of Fisheries is absurd and makes clear where Governor Dunleavy’s allegiances lie… The Board of Fisheries is charged with conserving and developing our fisheries, but if the legislature confirms this appointment it will send the message that it’s okay to trade away a prized wild salmon and trout fishery.” – Nelli Wiliams, Alaska Director of Trout Unlimited

LINK (via: KTUU)

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