Patagonia donates $1 million to Georgia voting rights groups

Ted “Cancun” Cruz is going to have to burn all his Patagonia gear.

Patagonia announced on Monday that it would donate $1 million to multiple voting rights groups in Georgia in direct response to the restrictive voting legislation that recently passed in the state.

In a press release, Patagonia celebrated the record amount of voter turnout seen in the 2020 election, reiterating the assessment made by many voting officials that they were “safe, secure elections.”

“But instead of celebrating democracy in action, a group of lawmakers in Georgia and states across America are doing everything in their power to make it harder for their constituents to vote,” Patagonia CEO Ryan Gellert said.

“Protecting our democracy is an all-hands-on-deck commitment that’s ongoing. Standing in solidarity with Black CEOs and business leaders, I call on fellow CEOs to join in denouncing these attacks on our democracy and to do more than make a corporate statement,” Gellert continued.

LINK (via: The Hill)

2 thoughts on “Patagonia donates $1 million to Georgia voting rights groups

  1. I burned all of mine too but I did so based on wildlife conservation.
    What is conservation? Hunting is conservation.
    Patagonia claims to give 1% back to the planet. Often these funds go to anti predator hunting organizations which are by definition and in fact anti hunting which is by far the most anti conservation measure that a person, buisiness or industry can take. One may not like hunting, maybe hates high fence hunting (I do) but taking away from that in any way is taking a huge amount away from conservation. If you care about wildlife and wild places be careful who you support. 1% and all of the rest of Yvon’s contributions sound great (that’s why they do it – it sounds great) and many of them are but they are pennies compared to the dollars contributed by hunting, its related non profits and its supporters.
    Donating money to any anti hunting organization that is against the legal taking of game in the United States is anti hunt and therefore anti conservation. That is exactly what Patagonia has done in the past. Conservation is a science, not a plea for individual animals based on emotion.

    1. Give this a read.

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