Oregon Coast Fly Fishing, WINTER RUN STEELHEAD and WHITEWATER rafting

Using footage Todd captured years ago; Todd aims to tell the simple story of what it’s like for a fly fishing angler to spend a few days trying to catch a Pacific Northwest Winter Run steelhead on a swung fly. It’s not just about the catch. The real story is in the process, the getting there, the weather, the waiting, the failing, the final hookup, and the land.

Jeff Hickman, co-owner of Fish the Swing and Kimsquit Bay Lodge in British Columbia, has a very few-and-far-between guide’s day off on a mighty coastal river that empties into the ocean on the Oregon Coast. A relaxed soundtrack accompanies more natural sounds than what you might find on Todd’s past work. Capturing beauty shots of the river with nature surrounding Jeff, Todd drives home the vibe he’s after. Relax, chill out, take a breath of fresh air…and enjoy the sounds & visuals of this new film.

One thought on “Oregon Coast Fly Fishing, WINTER RUN STEELHEAD and WHITEWATER rafting

  1. That first, long distance-released, “I’m not enjoying this, so am outta here”, big silver flyer – fantastic.

    Got to do EVERYTHING we can to bring them back, now, guys. Same with any Arlantic / Pacific salmonids that swim into and out of our over-used and-much abused seas. Merely flying off to some farway super-sexy somewhere where such fish can still be found in big bangs numbers in due season simply won’t do, as those last, few, oh-so desirable (and latgely prohibitively expensive) fish will surely be gone before too very long, too – unless we get our personal and collective acts together.

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