On The Water’s Striper Cup Eliminates Weigh-Ins

On The Water’s Striper Cup is a season-long striped bass tournament that saw over 4,000 entries in 2018. While the organizers have worked hard the last few years to encourage more catch and release entries, there was still a ton of striped bass that ended up on the slab at the tournament weigh stations.

To their credit, the organizers have recently announced they are eliminating weigh-ins and there is not a single prize in this year’s edition of the Striper Cup that requires an angler to keep a striped bass. And with more prizes to give away than ever before, they are going to reward fishermen who submit photos of their catches rather than weigh slips.

With the latest stock assessment, it might make sense for the Martha’s Vineyard Derby folks to consider moving in a similar direction. 





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