Oh, look! Another fly fishing film tour


Announcing Fly Fusion’s Trout Tour! A well-formed excuse to get together with fly-fishing friends and take in an epic collection of trouty films from Gilbert Rowley, Phil Tuttle, The Braker Bros, Todd Moen, RA Beattie, and Fly Fusion Films. Premiering in Sundance this March, the films will make their way around the American and Canadian West: limited cities, limited tickets, and monster trout. See below for tour dates and tickets!


2 thoughts on “Oh, look! Another fly fishing film tour

  1. An old, occasional fishing pal and good friend of mine in Argentina and Chile, who returned to Britain after mearly a decade of living and working in those countries in the early 2000s, and I used to (still have) have a long-running onstream and post-river campfire / in-bar fantasy about film crews and their fishing stars forever bumping into one another in the world’s honeyholes, with no other normal non-scene fishers around just themselves jostling for the sweetshots and the big spots.

    “I say….I’ve just snagged So-and-So [famous media flyfisher] on my backcast….I’m certain he wasn’t there a moment ago….”

  2. Some day, some sweet day, someone poor soul will make a fly fishing video without stupid music. Maybe even with the sounds of the river, the birds, the rising fish, or even conversation about the fish. Until then, I will stop watching the videos after about 30 seconds of music that proves the effort is more about being trendy than catching fish.

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