Oh Canada, Don’t Mine Yellowstone

These days our public lands, national parks, clean waters, and wild fish are already facing enough threats from our own countrymen – many of whom happen to work in a white, domed building in Washington D.C. with lots of marble, statutes, and oil paintings. Now one of America’s most beloved parks and favorite angling destinations is under attack from a Canadian mining company that is itching to dig up as much gold as possible in Paradise Valley, near Yellowstone National Park.

While Canadians have a reputation for being polite, wonderful folks with a penchant for hilariously apologizing for things they’re not responsible for, their mining companies have a decidedly worse ethos and approach to life. These greedy mining companies love to take every ounce of gold, copper, etc possible without any respect for what they have to destroy to get it. And when things go horribly wrong (think Mount Polley Mine disaster), they never say “sorey” and will fight tooth and nail to avoid paying even one loonie in damages.

We at the Chum consider ourselves to be fairly open and accepting folks. But when it comes to Canadian mining companies wanting to mess around near Yellowstone Park, we’re total xenophobes. We hope you are too.

So take a minute today and tell the U.S. Forest Service that they’re doing the right thing by keeping these mines away from Yellowstone!

TAKE ACTION TODAY (via: Greater Yellowstone Coalition)

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