Observations of a river snorkeler

Chris Walling of Vancouver Island has a strong understanding of the importance of wild salmon, and firmly believes that a responsible and successful salmon farming industry is vital for the wild Pacific fisheries. He goes to great depths to help improve the understanding of how wild and farmed fish can co-exist for a sustainable future.

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2 thoughts on “Observations of a river snorkeler

  1. Hello anyone who cares about fisheries.

    As a fisheries biologist I was interested on reading on the ever decreasing opinion that farmed fish are beneficial to Pacific fisheries. My profession requires me to be open minded and to review scientific results to come to conclusions, naturally I had to see what the facts were in this situation. Unfortunately I could not make it past the first paragraph when as Mr. Walling openly admitted to being an “observer”. Simply put he is not making quantifiable measurements… also known as SCIENCE! Please do not listen to opinion of one person who is stating an opinion based on his feelings. Overwhelming evidence is emerging linking fish hatcheries to declining wild populations. Please do your own research of scientific literature and come to your own conclusions.

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