Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da On the Thompson

A senior steelhead scientist in British Columbia, Dr. Eleanor Rigby, has recently made a remarkable discovery. After sampling scales from one of only a few remaining steelhead in the Thompson River, Rigby noticed an interesting but hazily recognized pattern in the growth rings on the scale. Only after carefully preparing, digitizing, and feeding the data through a sound mixer, was her hunch confirmed: the rings were formed perfectly to faithfully reproduce the Beatle’s White Album!

Luckily, this scale sample wasn’t given to a millennial or other younger scientist, Rigby observed, alleging the younger scientists on staff would have “neither the institutional background nor any inkling of good taste in music” to have recognized the amazing pattern. Asked if any further analysis was planned, Rigby indicated she had also played the scale backward but was not quite ready to reveal the message that was derived, “at least not until I stop by the cannabis store.”

Asked about the implications of this find in regard to the dire situation facing Thompson River steelhead, Rigby offered that “if saving this majestic run of fish was not enough for the angling and conservation groups, we now should have all the classic rock supporters ready to help make a difference in Ottawa.”

One thought on “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da On the Thompson

  1. You had to have lived among the Seriously Confused and Easily Believing in that Far Off, Far Out and Now Far Away Era to understand the above. My “none of this matters, except rivers and fish” obsessive teenage fishing and flytying to some of those people was nothing less than a one-man consspiracy to “Helter Skelter mass murder Heads like us, man…”.. I managed to get a few of them back on side by telling that I knew a young relative of J.R.R. “Lord of The Rings” Tolkien, but only just and not for very long. Some background reading for you, but only if you believe that you will still have the will to live after reading it..


    PS – Then in the end……….The End.

    They knew….


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