Nothing screams “Summer is here!” like the arrival of old yellow eyes

Nelson Sigelman on the often underrated bluefish.

I generally do my best to avoid situations where I might encounter creatures that are mean and have the potential to inflict bodily harm – hunting Cape Buffalo or shopping in a mall the day before Christmas. The exception is fishing for bluefish.

Pomatomus saltatrix, which is Latin for Cuisinart with fins, is as ornery as anything that swims in Island waters. Combine the attitude of a Mad Max biker and the blue’s notorious appetite – it didn’t acquire the nickname “chopper” by accident – and you have a species that provides sheer action for anglers of every skill level in a variety of circumstances.

The striped bass is the premier game fish of the Island, but big bass feed most actively at night and a serious pursuit requires a degree of skill and a dedication to prowling the beaches at hours when sane people are in bed. Blues, on the other hand, are inclined to hit a lure when the sun is up, which is convenient for less dedicated fishermen who like to sleep late.

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