No bulk functionality meets full suspension

It’s time the classic fishing vest got a modern makeover.

From Patagonia:

Fishing vests haven’t changed since Lee Wulff cobbled the first one together in 1931. And, for more than 90 years, they’ve been… fine. So, when we set out to rethink fly fishing’s most fundamental piece of gear, we didn’t want a simple update. We wanted a once-in-a-century transformation.

Bri Dostie, NOwhereville, Maine. PHOTO CREDIT: ©Andrew Burr

The new Patagonia Stealth Pack Vest incorporates hyper-light, recycled materials with extraordinary carrying capacity, intuitive functionality, and load-lifting suspension technology adopted from our groundbreaking trail running vests for an internally stabilized fit and all-day comfort.

Richard Griffiths, NOwhereville, Maine. PHOTO CREDIT: ©Andrew Burr

The Stealth Pack Vest is a huge leap forward for wading anglers,” said Matt Millette, Patagonia Fly Fishing’s Head of Marketing.“For decades, no one’s given the fishing vest much thought. We’re fortunate to have a trail running division at Patagonia. They’ve made remarkable advances in load stabilization, internal suspension, and secure carrying capacity. Those advances, combined with our always-evolving recycled materials technology and our ethic of intuitive functionality, make this the most advanced, comfortable, and—most importantly—the most usable vest we’ve ever made.

One thought on “No bulk functionality meets full suspension

  1. Never owned one, never having much liked let alone gone for the Arnie and His Multi-Gunned and Super-Pocketed Mercenaries v The Predator Paramilitary Look. Never did me any harm, or so I still adamantly claim…..

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