New Redington Wrangler and Crosswater Kits

The new Redington Wrangler Kits are for anglers looking to expand their species or find their next flyfishing fixation. Each size rod is designed to target a specific application or species to eliminate the hassle of trying to piece together the right kit. Even though it comes in a kit, don’t let it fool you; these are serious rigs ready to go on any adventure straight out of the box. A simple design and colorway make for a sleek rod.

The Wrangler brings all the “Redington vibes “with a fun yet eye-catching screen print—resembling a graphic you’d see on an off-road vehicle in the ’70s. The kit’s application and weight are also printed on the reel seat for quick identification when stacked in a pile of rods in your car or on the bank. Get ready to shoot your shot with six different sizes: The Pond (4wt), Trout (5wt), Trout XL (6wt), Bass(7wt), Salmon (8wt), or Saltwater (8wt).

Each kit includes the durable Crosswater reel, sturdy Dacron backing, RIO Mainstream fly line, and RIO tapered leader. These 4-piece rods offer flexibility for the angler on the go, while complete outfits deliver everything you need to get on the water—add flies. Add your fly of choice and allow the Wrangler Kit to be your trusted adventure partner throughout your fly fishing journey.

Check out the new Wrangler Kits HERE.

Check out the new Crosswater Reel collection HERE

About Redington:

At Redington, it’s about experiencing the sport of fly fishing through a non-traditional lens and engaging anglers and non-anglers alike. It’s with this in mind that we create our product lines. Redington designs fly fishing gear for adventure. Exploring the past, present, and future of the sport—redefining how it could be better, more accessible, and intuitive. We visualize everyone’s needs when exploring designs to bring quality performance products that are approachable on all sides of the equation, from aesthetics to price

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