Nathan Brown’s Watercolors

Inspired by the waters he fishes, Texas based artists Nathan Brown uses water from the rivers he fishes in his watercolor paintings.

In his words: As I began thinking more and more about art, and feeling a spiritual tug to put something on paper, I remembered the creek water that I had thrown out. I knew that I wanted the fish and their surroundings to be a part of my art as much as possible. It wasn’t long before I began to paint fish using watercolor combined with water from creeks and rivers where they are found. So began my quest to collect water from wherever I fished. Although it doesn’t make a visual difference in a painting, it just adds a special touch knowing that the painting contains a real piece of where that fish lives. There’s just something about that that makes me feel that my experiences fly fishing and my art are completely connected with each other. There’s no line that separates the two in my mind. In fact, completing a painting feels just as good as landing a beautiful fish in the net.

Check out more of his art.

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