Muskie vs. Walleye


While not quite rising to the level of Donald Trump vs. Stormy Daniels, Minnesota’s simmering civil war of game fish — muskies vs. walleyes — has flared up at the state Capitol.

In response to a yearslong state effort to expand muskie stocking, a bipartisan group of lawmakers has proposed a sweeping bill that would turn back the clock on recent victories for muskie fishing enthusiasts.

The proposal sides squarely with groups of walleye anglers and lake associations who for years have been leery of the muskellunge, the Department of Natural Resources, and, to some extent, those who fish for muskies, a larger, less-common cousin of northern pike.

The bill would even allow spearing of muskies on some lakes, potentially re-opening an old wound within the fishing community.

LINK (via: The Bemidji Pioneer)

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