Chumion: Seafood Watch Watch Downgrades Monterey Bay Seafood Watch Program to “Dumbass”

farmed salmon

After the recent announcement that the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch Program had upgraded British Columbia farmed salmon to “good”, the watchdog agency Seafood Watch Watch (S.W.W.) has downgraded the Monterey’s program to “dumbass.”

A yellow light ranking means that farmed BC salmon is considered a good alternative to wild species that may be under threat or other farmed species that may not be cultivated in a sustainable way. S.W.W. had previously downgraded Seafood Watch to “dumb” when earlier this year, and despite objections from respected fisheries biologists, they yellow lighted wild Olympic Peninsula steelhead.

When asked about the new farmed salmon rating S.W.W. spokesman Salmon Rushdie had this to say, “What are those folks down in Monterey smoking! How about the wild species that are under threat due to having to migrate past those “sustainable” industrial fish farms in the waters of British Columbia? Seafood Watch has now lost what little credibility they had remaining. What’s next, declaring Puget Sound farm raised salmon sustainable?”

When asked if the Monterey Bay program could sink any lower on the S.W.W. rating scale Rushdie referenced the  FDA’s  approval of genetically modified salmon. Based on this most recent decision, Rushdie said he could easily see Sea Food Watch “green lighting those genetic freaks” and earning an even lower “total dumbass” rating.



2 thoughts on “Chumion: Seafood Watch Watch Downgrades Monterey Bay Seafood Watch Program to “Dumbass”

  1. OMG!!! BC farmed salmon is not worth feeding to a rabid dawg. The industry has gotten so much worse and lately been in the news for contaminating our wild salmon with 2 confirmed diseases.
    It seems that Monterey Bay has perhaps struck a deal with this vile industry or secretly eating the shyte and succumbed to the virus themselves.

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