One thought on “Montana Outdoors Magazine

  1. Just an antique and almost certainly clueless British question: Is grinning madly with an invading/ive mudpig (whethier big-swoosh fly-caught or just snagged with a 3/0 treble) mandatory over your way now? It has been for some time over here in Britain. Some sorts (which common decency prevents from talking about in greater detail) not only find it perfectly, even personally profitably, look on on my carp, ye puny, and despair, piscatorirally “cool” to be seen in public with such things but also actually feel compelled to go all “A Carp Is For Life and Not Just My Vegetable Garden’s Compost Heap” kiss them in front of a previously innocent public. It takes all sorts and the tolerance of others differently inclined in this increasingly complex modern life of ours, I know, but………….

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