Montana Madness

The Dubai-based outfit One&Only has announced it will open its first US outpost in the mountain state of Montana come 2024. One&Only Moonlight Basin will comprise a 92-key resort with a separate ski lodge and spa, as well as 62 lavish private residences that will be dotted throughout the rugged alpine landscape.

The private residences will start at $8.45 million.

LINK (via: The Robb Report)

One thought on “Montana Madness

  1. Plenty of Shark Jumping presently going on over on the British side of the Atlantic too, in all areas of modern life and politics and not merely fishing. And the completely lost the plot non-Happy Days jumpers are mostly too “stoopid” to know it … which rather amuses an officially designated dangerous deviant -type like me…..

    Boote out.

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