Blue Fish Radio: Miramichi Striped Bass Survival up for Debate

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The Miramichi River Striped Bass Cup is now considered to be one of the largest competitive fishing events in Canada. It reached this level relatively quickly thanks to a rebounding Striped Bass population. Even though they are a native fish species, there are some who would rather have their numbers reduced significantly to protect Atlantic salmon, another native fish species only this one is not recovering.


One thought on “Blue Fish Radio: Miramichi Striped Bass Survival up for Debate

  1. Thanks for posting this. There is a great opportunity for striped bass to be a huge part of sport fishing in all of the Maritimes. Accessible to all. Let’s not squander that in favour of a fish that has been on the ropes for decades and accessible to only a few. All the things that have compromised salmon are still in place.
    The striper recovery had nothing to with those.

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