MidWest Golden Bones Fly Tournament – Recap


If czech nymphing for trout and marching through the streets of Vail decked out in your country’s garb isn’t your ideal form of fly fishing competition, then you probably would have preferred attending the Midwest Golden Bones Competition last week instead of the World Fly Fishing Championships.


Featuring far less pomp and circumstance and far more trash fish and booze, the first even Golden Bones competition was a resounding success. With 40 anglers taking the suburbs of Chicago by storm and an array of cool happenings including an Iron Fly Midwest event, many fish were caught, even more beers were drank, and good times were had by all.

Local carp legend Mike Allen took home first prize by landing 11 carp! Dane Schumucker brought home second place and Big Fish honors with a nice 29” carp and Joe Hofmann brought home third place.


Read more and see some more pictures from the tournament (via: Tippets and Tales)

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