Meghan Markle will ‘go fly fishing’ whilst visiting Balmoral to ‘please Prince Charles

Photo: Mark Jones (CC BY 2.0)

Meghan Markle will “try fly fishing” when she visits the Queen at Balmoral Castle this summer.

The royal source told Fabulous Digital: “Meghan is a fish eater and will apparently try her hand at fly fishing which will please Prince Charles as it was his beloved grandmother’s passion.

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2 thoughts on “Meghan Markle will ‘go fly fishing’ whilst visiting Balmoral to ‘please Prince Charles

  1. Balmoral Schedule, August 2019:

    6.00am (Days 1 – 10) : Salmon Fishing (Compulsory). Assemble at 5.45am in the Main Hall. No excuses accepted.

    Some of the long-time Royalty-aping English upper-middle classes still up sticks and head for a (now commercially operated and often foreign-, even Russian-, -owned) Scottish fishing and shooting lodge or estate in early August, to pop away at some remnant Red grouse, to stalk the near-plague proportions Red deer, to fish for but not catch any, let alone many, salmon now…..

    I simply hate to think what might happen if Scotland were to become independent.

    A new, keep the English savages out, reverse Hadrian’s Wall, perhaps? … a Braveheart II – It’s Payback Time, “Send all the heathen sassenachs back!”…?

    Some formerly rock-solid English Sporting Traditions (tradition as in “since about 1860 “, so officially written in ancient stone) are looking a little shaky at present – for a host of reasons, some of them self-styled Better Set own-goal self-inflicted. I just hope that we can save the Atlantic salmon in the midst of the present round of Ancien Regime v. Angry New Pretenders and Rock-Smashers political, social and rural warfare.

    I was unwise enough to warn a few, very well-heeled British salmon fishers about “what was near-imminent and incoming” at a post-fishing, late-night dinner table, at Estancia San Jose on the fabulous upper-middle Rio Grande on Tierra del Fuego, in February 1997. These men gave me a very telling “This man is not only one of us but also highly dangerous” look, then, on returning to souther England at the end of their week’s fishing holiday proceeded to “shoot the messenger”.

    Oh well, you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink….

    I don’t do “Told ya so!” schadenfreude, chaps (the very well-connected, generation or two older than myself, English gentlemen men who I very gently warned back in ’97, by means of merely telling them what was happening in the wider world outside their extremely blinkered, narrow own, are mostly dead now, but of course have been replaced), I am much more concerned about saving rivers and fish.

    Top, top, TOP priority, now.

    Meghan, no ifs or buts, get down to the River Dee and fish!

  2. PS

    “was near-imminent and incoming.

    What I told some holidaying well-heeled English gents (and only when asked, then affably but firmly pressed by them when I declined to tell them what I believed was ahead, short-term and long-term , in both Britain and the British countryside), in February 1996 – not ’97 – I checked a diary over the past weekend, and found that, whilst I was semi-resident at San Jose in both years (and a few others!), those gents got a very gentle, well-expressed “earful” from me in ’96 – hence things going distinctly “persona non grata” – Blackballed By The Club weird for myself in the British flyfishing world by early ’97!).

    So, all these years later, in 2019, we’re seing a follow-up to the imminent Foxhunting Ban and the creeping rolling thunder of a new Class Warfare that I warned those sheltered, elderly and from a completely different background and era, English “Sports” about – a follow-up in the form of another political, Class Warrior Caste move on shooting Black grouse (not the “red” that I typed whilst thinking about Red deer in the same sentence).

    Two sets of dying dinosaurs, those of the political, old, landowning Right and of the envious, ever-‘shoot’-stirring Left, flailing away at each other until NOTHING animal-, fish- and environment-wise is left.

    Mutually Assured Destruction, in old, Cold War, nuclear parlance – M.A.D.

    I did warn you about going completely ga-ga whilst trying to kill your old enemy, chaps…..

    I did the same to some “Professional Lefty” acquaintances of mine here in Britain the other year, about how politics had to set aside if were to save anything now.

    People who immediately became ex-friends and acquaintance.

    Oh well (as the early Fleetwood Mac once sang).

    And did those ex’s own set of War-Leader Masters listen?

    It appears not.

    So, as you can probably see now, fellas, young Meghan is going to be fishing some very deep and troubled waters – I just hope that Harry takes a lot of time out to tell her this.

    Letter from Britain to America Ends.

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