Matthew DeLorme Art and Photography

I’m stoked to introduce you to my friend Matt Delorme, an amazing self-taught artist and photographer who shares my roots in the world of professional cycling and love for fly fishing.

Matt was a staff photographer for Trek Bikes, and his images have been featured in Decline Magazine, Pinkbike, and several bicycle manufacturer catalogs.

Check out some of the best of his bike work at Trek  HERE.

The Return

A victim of pandemic downsizing at Trek, Matt is now focusing on his photography and, more recently, his new passion, woodblock prints. For someone who recently picked up the art of the oldest form of printmaking, I think you’ll agree the man has some mad skills.

You can check out the breadth of Matt’s work on his website.

Wild Steelhead
Celilo Falls

Some of Matt’s prints are currently available on his Etsy store.


Matt has just started offering his woodblock art in a new medium, t-shirts, with the launch of his Fins and Feathers Design Bonfire store.  His first design, seen above, is called Determination. Stay tuned for new designs, as he’ll be adding new styles every month.

Check out Fins and Feathers Design HERE


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