Market Insights: A Closer Look at New Anglers

What do these new anglers look like?

Well, they don’t necessarily resemble what we’ve come to think of as “typical” fishermen (white, middle-aged men). Nearly a third of the anglers recruited in 2020 were female. Female participation in fishing was up 21% in 2020 over 2019. According to the RBFF, 19.7 million women went fishing that year.

There was also a more diverse group than what we’re used to seeing on the water in 2020. In all, 4.8 million Hispanic anglers wet a line in 2020, along with more than 3.1 million African-American anglers, according to RBFF.

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One thought on “Market Insights: A Closer Look at New Anglers

  1. I love the site. However, the image you included doesn’t send the right message. The guy in the pic needs to think about what he is doing. A bit offensive that he feels the need to hold her rod while netting the fish.

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