Man says “fishing buddy” attacked him with fly rod, oar

And you thought your fishing buddy was temperamental.

A man says his friend hit him with an oar and used his fly rod to stab him in the face during a 2017 fishing excursion on the Missouri River near Craig that left him fearing for his life.

LINK (via: Great Falls Tribune)


2 thoughts on “Man says “fishing buddy” attacked him with fly rod, oar

  1. Ah yes, Rod Rage, lot of it about. Some guy catches something fishy earlier, bigger, better or apparently more easily, then all retributive Lesser Fella Hell breaks out. I recommend Meditation and, naturally, Yoga, as they’re a lot less goals-driven chestbeating aggressive – or, at least, were….

  2. I’ve definitely had people in my boat I have wanted to stab with a fly rod. We only have half the story here. I’m guessing this guy has rowed from side to side for this guy who has no business telling him where to row. Also your in this guys boat he’s a “friend” I’m guessing this pussy that got stabbed was trying to get away with a free guided trip and wouldn’t take a turn on the oars while barking orders all day.

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