One thought on “Low water, high temps threaten Crooked River fish

  1. England has just had its driest (and certainly its hottest – my near-London garden hit 39.8C / 103F in the shade two days running ) July since 1935.

    I fished four times in July, with 2 to 3 friends, on various southern English chalkstreams they have access to (own in the case of one of them).

    Whilst I took a token rod or two and plenty of flies etc to show fishy willing, I only fished on one of those days, the first early in the month before the heat set in and the rivers “boiled” and shrank.

    The other three fishing days were mostly spent sitting neck- or chest-deep in shorts, chatting with my friends and some very inquisitive minnows, trout and grayling.

    Can’t see it being any different in August.

    This sort of thing rarely used to happen in rainy old England, but it’s becoming almost the norm now.

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