Some very special guests on Loon Live this week!

From hunting for fictional species of fish to posting videos hosted by fictional family members, these guys are the real deal.  Cheech and Curtis, the geniuses behind Fly Fish Food, remind us how much fun fishing and fly tying can be.  Developing a distinct and recognizable style as a tyer is tough, but these guys work with an unparalleled creativity at the vise.  In short: we are huge fans. 

Please join us this Thursday night at 6 pm PST for what promises to be an entertaining evening of tying some bugs and telling some stories.


One thought on “LOON LIVE : THE DREAM TEAM

  1. It had to happen, guys, after all the years of officially endorsed, “We’ll turn a blind eye to this if it sells us some gear”, a four-inch Mystery Monster ripped my Auntie’s foot off, fakery that we’ve seen.

    Remember Real?

    I must say that Billy the Bass is looking pretty fine in his new, must-have Not Found in Nature colo(u)r of the season, though.

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