Keep Fish Wet – Now a Nonprofit with the Same Passion, New Name, and New Program

This just in from the org formally known as Keep Em Wet Fishing.

Amherst, MA (August 4, 2020) — Announcing Keep Fish Wet, nonprofit (501c3) status, and rebranding for the organization formerly known as Keepemwet Fishing.  Keep Fish Wet will continue the strong social media heritage, and education and outreach initiatives to create an accurate, consistent, and persistent message about science-based best practices for catch-and-release fishing.  As a nonprofit, Keep Fish Wet now has additional capacity to work with anglers and the fish we all care about.  The new Advocate program offers anglers a fast and direct opportunity to make a positive impact on recreational fisheries and implement conservation.

Keep Fish Wet helps anglers improve the outcome for each fish they release.  Science shows that when anglers make small changes in how they catch, handle, and release a fish it can create better outcomes for fish.  Not only does using best practices increase survival rates of fish, but it also helps fish return to their normal behavior and physiology as quickly as possible after release.

Every time you catch a fish, you have an opportunity to practice one-on-one conservation.  You don’t need to buy any special gear, you don’t need radically change how you fish, you just need to follow three simple principles — minimize air exposure, eliminate contact with dry surfaces, and reduce handling time.

“Using science-based best practices is your opportunity to put conservation into practice and help support the fisheries you love,” says Sascha Clark Danylchuk, Executive Director of Keep Fish Wet.  “We need to do all we can to increase the resiliency of our fisheries, especially for native or vulnerable populations, and in the face of impacts such as climate change.”

Tied to its mission, Keep Fish Wet has launched a new initiative called the Advocate program.  Show your support and commitment to using best practices for catch-and-release by becoming an Advocate.  This free program is open to everyone with the only expectation is that you pledge to use Keep Fish Wet Principles and Tips when you catch-and-release fish.

For more information and to become an Advocate, visit






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