Keep the Elliott Public

The Elliott State Forest near Coos Bay, Ore., is considered one of the best public recreation areas on the state coastline. This public lands gem consists of more than 82,000 acres that provide unmatched experiences for local anglers, hunters, and wildlife enthusiasts. It also borders Loon Lake and is very close to the Bureau of Land Management’s Dean Creek Elk Management Area and Golden and Silver Falls State Natural Area.

However, the Elliott has become the poster child for what could happen if America’s public lands wind up in the hands of individual states. Put simply, states are in the business of selling their trust lands, like the Elliott, to generate revenue. In Oregon, where sustainable timber harvest on state trust lands is intended to support public education funding, recent restrictions and lawsuits have limited logging, and ownership of the forest has become a financial drain on the state—rather than a source of income. Now, after more than a year of negotiation, it looks like the forest is likely to be sold.

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