Kayak Fishing in Florida from Hobie’s New Inflatables

Photo: Hobie

Chris Woodward and a group of marine media took Hobie’s new iTrek pedal drive inflatables for a test drive in southwest Florida. The fully rigged weight of both models comes in at under 50 lbs opening up a whole new world of travel opportunities.

The iTrek 9 Ultralight measures 9 feet, 5 inches long with a 3-foot-4-inch beam (350-pound capacity). The iTrek 11 measures 10 feet, 8 inches long with the same beam (400-pound capacity). The longer boat also sports single-chamber pontoons port and starboard. Both boats feature a 550 Denier PVC hull and come with MirageDrive GT pedals with Kick-Up Fins, a rudder system, and a three-piece paddle.

LINK (via: Sport Fishing Magazine)

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