One thought on “Jimmy Carter, the president who tried to save the planet

  1. I wonder if the three-day, on an Indian mahseer riverbank, “lecture” that I gave to Jimmy Carter’s Ambassador to Nepal in 1980 or 1981 helped? A very nice, super-bright, naturally friendly man who was clearly on the same, Save It Before It’s All Gone, wavelength as me, thus requring me not to have to go into full Mad-Eyed Jeremiah / Preacher mode. A birdwatcher and not a fisher, he did catch a mahseer, though, after asking me to show him what to do after watching me land a a very big one and being utterly astonished by its beauty. Still have a slide of him, his first name terms- only name is “on the tip of my tongue”, grinning proudly with his fifteen or so pounder somewhere.

    As for that Indian river and its mahseer, however, well, let’s just say that things didn’t work out…..

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