One thought on “It’s An Extremely Tough Year To Be A Steelhead

  1. “We’re not going to be able to turn that around any time soon,” he said. “Not in our lifetimes. We might put the brakes on it and get on a better track for what the future holds, but these fish are going to have to deal with a lot of climate change, a lot of ocean change.”


    Same with the Atlantic slmon in its more southern ranges – a case, to use some 1920s P.G. Wodehouse-Bertie Wooster English parlance, of “Climate, dear boy, NOT the ghastly predators [everything from birds thru seals and up to porpoise, dolphins and probably even Orcas] that some of you Very Smart Salmon Savers reach for when looking for something (“It’s certainly not our Good Selves…”) to blame.

    I’ve lost a number of long-time British salmon, sea-trout & trout fishing pals over the past 20-odd years for saying much the same as that, but in very modern, definitely non-Doublespeak.

    Major rethinks and economic and personal behavioural change needed all-round, fellas.

    Let me know when you’ve got past producing yet more in-depth our-sorta-scientific reports about the problem and are actually DOING something about it, however much it is going to hurt.

    Which it will, you know.

    Big Bad Mad Boote Out.

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