Issue #65: Catch Magazine Father’s Day Special


In Issue #65, meet Oregon Coast’s very own Jay Nicholas and walk a day in his life as a renowned fly tyer in a small beach community. Experience the wild wonders of Alaska’s Goodnews River with Matt Harris. Capture the sentiments of Canadian angler and photographer Amber Toner, who pays tribute to her father’s legacy as an outdoorsman and to the next generation of fly fishermen in her family with her essay “My Father’s Favorite Fly”. Enjoy the beautiful craftsmanship and art embodied in the creation of a Masterpiece of art by Thompson Guitars called “The Koi Pond”. Savor the huge variety of fish species captured on camera by the one and only Brian O’Keefe. And finally, float Oregon’s McKenzie River in a T-Motion film, featuring father and son duo Chris and Cash Daughters as they navigate the water and catch trout from the drift boat.

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