Is sporting Patagonia fleece a political statement?

Overheard in the aisles of the SHOT show some years ago, “We used to love Patagonia until they got all green on us.”

Patagonia has always advocated for causes on the left side of the political spectrum. This all stems from their success in getting national attention on the public lands issue.

LINK (via: High Country News)

5 thoughts on “Is sporting Patagonia fleece a political statement?

  1. Sighs. I’ve spent much of a lifetime ripping off / inking over brand logos, as you just don’t Whose Swivel-Eyed, Braincell-Lite “Team” might start thinking “He’s One of Us, let’s make him ours…”, and so try co-opt you into their particular (usually) nefarious cause or destructive agendum, so anticipating Naomi Klein’s “No Logo” by several decades. How it has confused and really infuriated some. Good!

  2. But it’s okay when the microplastics released from the garments you make and sell are a source of plastic pollution.

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