5 thoughts on “Is Microfishing a Celebration of Biodiversity or a Sign of Collapse?

  1. Cranky old guys trying to recapture the simpler and far more innocents days of their piscatorial boyhoods? I couldn’t possibly comment. Here is the British version.


    I knew a spot on a southern English chalkstream, the Kennet, that, back in my 1960s boyhood, was hot hot hot for / literally paved with the 3- to 6-inch bruisers featured above. I rather doubt that it is now, of course … though, knowing modern British fishing and its increasingly desperate, post-Kinks dedicated followers of fashion, I had better not mention it, as I remember the online response I got on a non-flyfishing nearly fifteen years ago now, when I joked about producing a range of “Gudgeon Master” rods plus ancillary, bespoke, British-made “Gudge Gear” like “The Skindles” Traditional Thames Punt (Made in Maidenhead) and the “LiteTouch TM © ® Titanium Gudgeon Rake” (THE Gravel-Stirrer of choice for the Neo-Late Victorian and Edwardian Posing Piscator).

    i was merely joking crazily about how just about everything begun in off-beat fishy innocence ends up becoming a lot less innocent and extremely Egos-driven and Control Freaks-dominated, not to mention very quickly eye-wateringly expensive.

    Some didn’t get the joke back then, and promptly declared me “mad”.

    Better mad than…….., I say.

  2. So, a bunch of formerly forever warring among themselves (and with anybody or anything furred or feathered that keeps them from catching then flogging The Prize) Big Fish Brit Blokes are going “All Zen” in their suddenly piscatorially and personally cleaned-up later years…?

    I see … it’s all becoming clear to me now … Om mane padme hum….

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