Is It Time for Outdoor Businesses To Dump Facebook? (Twitter Too? )

Might be time to re-think the Twitter verse too.

If the social platform is a virtual public square, as Mark Zukerberg has proclaimed, it’s one that’s rife with hate, lies, weaponized disinformation, and—in the virtual metaverse—a starkly anti-outdoor worldview. Now that its value as an advertising partner has changed the calculus, it’s worth asking again: Is Facebook simply too toxic for business?

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3 thoughts on “Is It Time for Outdoor Businesses To Dump Facebook? (Twitter Too? )

  1. Allow me to summarize the logic: It’s hate speech if it goes against the liberal narrative. Otherwise its the gospel. Or said another way: what the left likes is compulsory……what they dislike is banned. This is part of the problem, the left has no tolerance.

  2. It’s reasonable to question whether a business should be providing ad revenue to media platforms that tolerate Nazis, holocaust deniers, racists, and anti-democracy ideologies. In regards to tolerance… when one group is tolerant of all races and religions and genders and sexual orientations and more, while the other pines for a time when white Christian men ran everything, seems clear who the intolerant ones are.

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