3 thoughts on “Is Instagram killing Photography?

  1. I took my last photograph 21 years ago this March. It’s on an undeveloped Kodakchrome 64 slide film in a drawer somewhere (yes. Jurassic Pre-Digital, it existed!). The images were of the exterior of the great sheep-shearing shed at Estancia Maria Behety on Tierra del Fuego, on the day of the Island’s late summer sheep and stock show, to which I had gone to meet and say goodbye to a pal, a member of a major land-owning and fishery-running family on the island, who for some reason, a reason that only became clear in the year or so that followed, took a raincheck and failed to show. I got on a plane at Rio Grande airport an hour or two later and flew north.

    I have fished a lot since then, but have never taken a photograph, whether of fish, person or place – something of a personal liberation and a huge relief. Such stuff is better held in the memory and the mind’s eye, after all.

    [Casts a real-lfe eye at a long-unopened cupboard with drawers holding tens of thousands of slides and black-and-white negatives just 10 feet away as he signs off….]

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