Is Fly Fishing The New Surfing?

Based on this article it’s the new high priced fly fishing excursion version of surfing.

Is fly-fishing the new surfing? Certainly, while surfers are running out of fresh beaches to discover, adventurous fly-fishers are carving out untouched corners of the planet to find virgin waters and catches to brag about. With its meditative, go-slow mindfulness, its immersive, deep-cover wilderness hits, the sport is everything we need right now.

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One thought on “Is Fly Fishing The New Surfing?

  1. Nil desperandum – bit of Latin I picked up at my Roderick Haig-Brown British boarding school back in an impossibly far-off era.

    Never despair.

    Never have, myself, but, clearly, some are now.

    Gets back to his garden to plant autumn(Fall)-sowing red onions and a ton of (Vampire-deterring) garlic.

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