Inspector general clears EPA in investigation of Gold King Mine disaster

Nearly two years after the Gold King Mine disaster in Colorado, the Environmental Protection Agency’s inspector general on Monday concluded there was no wrongdoing, but that the EPA had no rules for dealing with blowout-prone toxic mines.

Before the EPA crew accidentally triggered a 3 million gallon spill into the Animas River on Aug. 5, 2015, the Gold King already was leaking 200 gallons per minute of acid metals-laced discharge – equal to the disaster every 10 days, the investigators noted.

LINK (via: The Denver Post)

One thought on “Inspector general clears EPA in investigation of Gold King Mine disaster

  1. So how does this make you feel regarding all of your rantings and ravings about the doing-away with the EPA? It’s somehow so easy for people to point fingers at republicans or democrats, yet so difficult to see that they are ALL a bunch of assholes who do not care! This oh-so-important government agency spent two years investigating its own ineptitude only to conclude that they didn’t do anything wrong because they had not established any rules regarding the situation?! How does the ‘ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY’ not have any established rules ‘for dealing with blowout-prone toxic mines’ (aka protecting the environment)? Just keep relaying the same talking points as the mainstream media in the land of blissful ignorance or wake up.

    EPA’s current budget by the way – FY 2016 $8,139,887,000

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