Insight – Chasing the Magic

Insight – Chasing the Magic is a follow-up to my last movie: Insight – The Trophy Quest. A commonly asked question inspired this project – would the huge trout from the last big mouse season still be there, and if so, could we find and catch them?

I set aside three days with three different anglers to document the happenings on film (succeed or fail) and put our findings on a feature film to put the question to rest, once and for all.

Join me (Mike Kirkpatrick) and fellow guides Hans Kreuer, Hannah Clement, and Tom Hodge as we fly fish a location that we felt would give us the best chance of success on, hopefully, the biggest brown trout possible. It was an, at times, challenging journey, with some eye-popping findings…

Shot in stunning 4K and featuring some incredible country and skilled, passionate anglers, Chasing the Magic will deliver much to please any angler from anywhere in the world. Enjoy!

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