Inside DFO’s Battle to Downplay a Deadly Farmed Salmon Disease

fish farm
Photo: Asc1733

Part one in a Tyee series of how a BC Provincial lab played a key role in denying the existence of HSMI in BC fish farms.

In 2002, Dr. Ian Keith, a senior DFO veterinarian, began noticing strange heart lesions when he examined Atlantic salmon from B.C.’s growing fish farm industry.

Keith was likely the first to detect signs of Heart and Skeletal Muscle Inflammation. The disease, first found three years earlier in Norwegian farmed salmon, went on to plague the industry there, killing up to 20 percent of salmon in some outbreaks.

Yet for the next 14 years, working closely with the industry and the provincial lab that audits fish farm health, the DFO went to great lengths to avoid acknowledging HSMI’s presence in B.C. waters.

LINK (via: The Tyee)

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