Input Sought On Future Conservation Of Cutthroat Trout

cutthroat trout

After a set of meetings this week, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department is asking the public to help with the future conservation of cutthroat trout in the Bighorn Basin. The department is not proposing specific projects but instead wants to collaborate with the public on a set of recommendations for the trout’s future restoration efforts.

Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout is the only species of trout native to the Bighorn Basin, and its population has steeply declined in recent years. The trout only occupies eight percent of its historical habitat, including the entire west slope of the Bighorn mountains. The Cody Regional Fisheries Supervisor, Sam Hochhalter, said the goal of this collaboration is to find locations on the landscape where Game and Fish can introduce new populations of the fish.

LINK (via: Wyoming Public Media)

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