Influencers vs Instagram: Hiding Like Counts Sparks Tears and Controversy

Brace yourself you fly fishing social media “influencers.”

Instagram’s controversial experiment with hiding public like counts is only live in seven countries, but it’s already inspired some freakouts from influencers who claim the change is crippling their engagement and destroying their livelihood.

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2 thoughts on “Influencers vs Instagram: Hiding Like Counts Sparks Tears and Controversy

  1. In my own country, we – well, at least a few in our flaky number – rather anticipated the current (“Would you buy ANYTHING after seeing this coked-up unreliable witness and cracked actor rave about some gadget, object or Brand?”) Influencer Frenzy some years ago and declared “certain, possibly fishy, usual suspect sorts” to be, er, Angling Ambassadors, by virtue of their sharp elbows and ability to be hard on the heels of people who were actually, quietly, just going out and doing something new and interesting for the sheer fun of it.

    Now, you North Americans (plus Rest of World – “Hi”) thankfully don’t get to see too much British television (except, possibly, Downton Abbey), but we Brits once did (I stopped watching TV nearly 20 years ago) and still fall about fall about laughing at some of the frankly ludicrous ads of the past.

    Here is one from the huge-haired, Go For It 1980s, for faux-luxe chocolat.

    Spoil, indeed….

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