Industrial Fish Farms Threaten Puget Sound Once More

Prepare to take action.

Cooke Aquaculture, Puget Sound’s industrial net-pen operator, is back with big plans to continue profiting at the expense of wild salmon, killer whales, and the health of Puget Sound.

This week a proposal by Cooke to begin farming biologically engineered steelhead trout in their Puget Sound net pens moves dangerously close to becoming a reality. This new plan would once again put Puget Sound at risk of rampant pollution, disease, viral, and parasitic amplification, and a repeat of the devastating Cypress Island collapse that resulted from Cooke Aquaculture’s negligence.

LINK (via: Wild Fish Conservancy)

Sadly, the S’Klallam Tribe has also thrown their lot in with Cooke.

According to a press release the joint venture will see Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe partnering with Cooke Aquaculture Pacific to initially work to rear sablefish (black cod) and sterile triploid, all-female rainbow trout.

LINK (via: Salmon Business)

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