One thought on “Hundreds of sea lions to be killed in effort to save endangered fish

  1. Ho hum … you can’t shoot your way out out of a far greater and much-wider ecological crisis … had a bit (several years) of “Otter Trouble” with some sorts over here in Britain not that many years ago, people who were becoming “much exercised” (aka “Kill them!) about the to a degree hunted-out and more largely Silent Spring DDT-ed-out indigenous otter making a return to Britain’s lakes and rivers after a long absence and eating (“Hey, thanks for the overstocked drive-in!”) a few very large, semi-tame Coarse (your trash) fish like carp and barbel, fish with names, fish which they love so much that they lay them on expensive foam or inflatable groundmats for unhooking, then apply antibiotic gel / powder to the hook wound in the fishes’ mouths for perhaps the thirtieth time in their fifteen- to thirty-odd year, much-photographed “career” as a sedentary, beer-‘n’weed gloryhunters’ fishy target and mine’s bigger than yours vehicle for an extremely fragile piscatorial and piss-poor “all male – real man”, crotch-and armpit-scrathing whilst simultaneously chestbeating and gruntin ego.

    Much exercised, they were about wild otters snacking on stocked tame fish, they were … clearly didn’t get the answer they wanted from a certain somebody….

    Oh well (Part 1, Part 2 also available, terms and conditions apply)….

    From the recently deceased Peter Green and the original Fleetwood Mac….

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