One thought on “Huge Brown Trout in Crystal Clear Water

  1. Good God…..”Brit blown away by huge NZ browns twice in one week….paramedics called”…..

    Time to watch a nice little film from a few years ago again, about how those browns got there. A lot of far-from-home fishy sickness, a certain Mr Johnson and huge amounts of persistence and effort….

    Got quite excited here in Britain over the past weekend, you know, when, during the course of a not far from London country-walk, I saw a perhaps 10-inch brown rising in a Thames feeder-stream that I last caught (a few remnant, even then) trout from in the mid 1970s. Not the stream that provided ova for one or two of the early Tasmanian and NZ stockings, but another one, now regularly almost emptied for human drinking water and down-the-line human sewage-filled and considered over-nine-tenths trout-less, of similar size not too many miles away. Quite excited? No, make that really excited … breifly borderline deranged, even. Then today I foolishly went and looked at my second Big Kiwi Browns movie in a week and are now sat here waiting to be taken away by those very nice men in white coats again. Do please try and stop posting such stuff here: it’s doing me no good at all.

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