One thought on “How To Fish Tarpon

  1. Great, highly knowledgeable, fishing enthusiast and communicator, in any language. Need a lot more of them. I remember a time, very nearly 30 years ago now, when my Spanish was virtually non-existent I met an Argentine sea-trout fisher (not a guide) on a Far South river for the first time, and, after looking into one another’s flybozes then watching each fish for a few minutes, we started grinning like madmen at one another in some kind of “That guy really gets’it” recognition. Then, back on the bank fifteen minutes or so later, two fish having just been returned after both of us had hooked up within thirty seconds of each other, he at the head of the pool, me in its tail, we began babbling at one another – me in atrocious Spanish, he in just as bad English: it didn’t matter. My lady companiion took some photos of that moment;. Oone of them, shot on black-and-white film, she printed up several months when we got home a few months later, then presented it to me with a casual “Best one the whole trip.”. I believe it may have been: such narural human animation, goodwill and communication.

    Need a lot more of this sort of stuff, now more than ever, as I said at the start.

    Posted unedited as typed.


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