3 thoughts on “How the Mysterious Twitter ‘Carp’ Meme Came to Be

  1. Imagine harnessing all that “I’ve got ALL of the very latest totally unnecessary but really neat, super-cool and personally highly pleasing technology and a timescape presently haunted by some very scary, better do some displacement activity – Hello Earth / Hi Fans, I’m still here and suffering just as much as you are! – Blogging, Vlogging, Tweeting or Doing Interviews, presentiments of a pretty uncertain future, connectivity and Just Connect crazy so-called Creativity” and applying them to, say, saving real places, and real fish and rivers, even the previously only-good-for-my-look-at-Me-Instagram-Influencer-Selfies and Video Offerings Poor Old Planet, and feeling REALLY cool ‘n’ connnected ‘n’ caring ‘n’ in the swim ‘n’ out there ‘n worth all your bandwith and “Cos I need it” considerable personal airspace as you do it?


    You never know, some just might after the current End of An Epoch Debacle…..

    Dashed off and posted unread, cos an Interview too Many – Webinar too Far Mood took me and it was fun.


  2. Just to keep you people crucially ahead on the Meme Front. I have to inform you that today it’s Octupuses / pi.

    reaching up a tentacle to punching pass fish, attaching themselves to attacking eagles, being used by a seal to slap an intruding human diver….

    Every old octopus clip on the BBC News website is currently going “Most Watched”.

    Sad but true.

    So that some of you know and can act accordingly, or not in my own case.

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