How Specialty Retailers Are Reopening, Repositioning or Reinventing After Pandemic

Three specialty retail shop owners across the country and an expert in consumer trends and retail strategy gather around the fire to discuss the immediate aftermath of the COVID “shutdown,” the steps they’re taking to reopen or reposition their businesses, the safety precautions they’re using and how they’re recouping their losses.

Participants of the webinar, which was part of OIA’s Campfire Conversations series, included:

  • Chris Hogue, Head of Strategy, Live Area, a digital commerce agency
  • David Leinweber, Owner, Angler’s Covey, Colorado Springs, CO
  • Pam Schwarbach, Owner, The Hive, Madison, WI
  • Amy Skinner, Owner, Wild Iris, Lander, WY
  • Deborah Williams, Director of Marketing & Communications, OIA



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